wtdxfunw Demarini wood baseball Fungo

wtdxfunw Demarini wood baseball Fungo


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Extended Barrels = Massive Sweet Spot: Longer barrels mean larger hitting surfaces. Add that to the biggest allowed barrel diameters and Easton’s patented extended flex technology, and you get the most massive sweet spots in the game. Lighter Swing Weight = Faster Swing Speed: Easton’s laser precision manufacturing system minimizes material overlap, removing excess mass from the barrel. The result: a lighter swing weight and a faster swing speed. CXN: Easton’s patented connexion design system optimizes performance using “hinge” technology for efficient energy transfer. CXN technology also isolates the handle from the barrel, eliminating vibration and expanding the hitting surface of the barrel. IMX: patented integrated matrix technology strengthens composite structures, optimizing designs, process and materials for maximum performance. Aerospace grade fibers are layered and angled to maximize the hitting area, providing extraordinary feel and eliminating vibration. IMX composite barrel and ultra thin 29/32″ tapered handle with regular handle flex Patented two piece connexion maximizes energy transfer and reduces bat vibration Lower M.O.I. means lighter swing weight and faster swing speed -5 ultra lightweight 2 5/8″ extra long barrel