WTDXCFC Demarini 2011 CF4 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat

WTDXCFC Demarini 2011 CF4 BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat


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Product Description

BBCOR is the new standard in collegiate baseball that goes into effect for play in 2011. Demarini has been working in the back room on these bats for two years, in order to make the best performing bats that meet the new standard for college play. Pitch black plus barrel Tightest and strongest composite weave combined with twice the amount of silver trace. The extreme amount of silver trace means that the CF4 ST will be a stronger stiffer bat, which to the player means the sweet spot can be taken farther along the barrel. Pitch black plus handle Tightest and strongest composite combined with twice the amount silver trace to added strength to maximize power transfer to the barrel for added performance Hub cap Internal end-cap pushes the hub of energy to the sweet spot of the bat Hybrid performance grip 2-piece grip with thin performance feel and faded color look Rotation index Numerical system reminds players to rotate bat extending its life 12 month limited warranty BBCOR certified 2 5/8″ barrel dxcfc