Worth LFPXCM Liberty FPX Fastpitch Catchers Mitt 34 inch

Worth LFPXCM Liberty FPX Fastpitch Catchers Mitt 34 inch


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Product Description

Worth FPX gloves are specifically designed for the female athlete to take your play the next level. FPX Mondo webs are specifically designed for the elite softball players that provide maximum ball retention and allow for a quick transfer of ball-to-throwing hand. All gloves are equipped with Tri-Action backs that allow flexibility and a custom fit. PORON XRD palm pads and finger pads absorb and dissipate up to 90% of energy when impacted at high speeds, resulting in more than 10% impact reduction when compared to traditional rubber based palm pads. PORON pads are proven to reduce ball impact and sting to the hand. The shell leather is exclusively developed in Valencia, Spain. A small but significant percentage of consumers are allergic to chrome. Santan titanium tanning process is chrome-free that provide no chance of irritation to the skin. Sanotan leather is environmentally friendly because the waste waters do not harm aquatic life and the solid waste can be used for fertilizers or raw material for animal feed. Sine this leather is hypo-allergic it is also used for the glove linings, improving sweat absorption more efficiently than traditional leathers. 34″ Fastpitch catchers mitt Tri-Action closed with custom-fit back Mondo modified Pro H web Sanotan shell leather Palm and fingerback lining same as shell FPX Mondo webs Tri-Action back design with custom fitting straps PORON XRD palm and index finger padding USA tanned pro laces