Rawlings litestik 33 inch adult hand eye training bat

Rawlings litestik 33 inch adult hand eye training bat


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Attack the ball with this hand-eye coordination training bat! Perfect for off-season training or pre-game warm-up to loosen fast twitch muscles. 33″ (13.23 oz. and made of hardwood)   Neoprene sweet spot for immediate feedback when hit correctly Includes six (6), 5” plastic trainers Includes drill sheet Hitting for Average A high-average hitter puts the ball in play, gets on base and moves runners around to score. You need a balanced swing, a good eye at the plate and great hand-eye coordination. Hitting for Power Hitting for power represents one of the most sought-after capabilities in baseball: the ability to change the course of the game with a single swing. You need to be strong physically, but also have a great swing to consistently get extra base hits. This will help build your strength, bat speed and help you develop a powerful swing, turning you into a threat at the plate.