Mizuno Finch 9 Spike Low Cleats

Mizuno Finch 9 Spike Low Cleats


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Product Description

Mizuno Finch 9-spike low women’s cleat. Jennie Finch ‘s statement cleat designed for top elite level non-metal competition. * patented 9 spike technology-dramatically enhances lateral stability and traction, Providing a more stable platform fo rthe athlete’s performance. the three cleat triads, facilitate superior execution of the three primary baseball/softball movements: running, batting, and throwing * vs-1 shock absorption and cushioning. vs-1 absorbs shock and enhances cushioning Properties by resisting compression-SET, thus extending the cushioning of of the baseball and softball cleats. * Mizuno wave technology-cushioning and stability. the only technology that combines two distincly different elements. * Proflex-Mizuno’s Proprietary flex constructions that is engineered to Provide a controlled flex for all three primary baseball movements: running, batting and throwing..