Demarini 2011 wtdxvx5 vexxum senior league baseball bat

Demarini 2011 wtdxvx5 vexxum senior league baseball bat


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Product Description

Reliability and Consistency. The Vexxum. The 2011 Vexxum is a revolutionary blend of an aluminum barrel joined by Demarini’s direct connect power transfer technology to a custom composite handle. The original half and half bat from Demarini is back and better than ever. The balanced feel, and longbarrel technology provide the power every player needs to tear up the field.   Technology Matters Demarini is committed to making the best bats for players of all ages and abilities. We design bats with the player in mind to make the perfect bat for each individual, and we scour the earth for the highest quality components to make sure the bats perform. All components are performance matched for optimum distance, durability, and feel. We design it, build it, hit it, tweak it, re-build it, hit it again…we’re never happy.   Rotation Index The Demarini rotation index helps players significantly prolong the life of Demarini bats with a numerical index on the handle and barrel reminding player to incrementally rotate the bat after each hit.   N2M end-cap Scientifically tuned to absorb vibration while maximizing power 2 piece grip built for ultimate comfort and tack   C6 Exclusive composite material constructed with biggest weave for optimum flex   Long Barrel Longest hitting surface in baseball   SC4 A Demarini exclusive alloy that is 12% stronger allowing a bigger sweet spot   C6 composite handle allows for flex prior to striking the ball SC4 aluminum alloy barrel is 12% stronger Balanced feel Long barrel technology 2 5/8″ diameter barrel; -5oz length to weight ratio Demarini ultrAbat grip 1 year warranty