Combat 2013 PUREYB1 Pure Gear Youth Baseball Bat -10

Combat 2013 PUREYB1 Pure Gear Youth Baseball Bat -10


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Product Description

Technology: PRECISION MOLDING TECHOLOGY (PMT) Combat’s exclusive Precision Molding Technology uses precision computer-controlled machine–hardened steel tooling to precisely control both outer and inner bat barrel diameters. Combat maintains tolerances of less than 1/1000 of an inch, which allows Combat’s engineers to design barrel wall thicknesses to maximize barrel trampoline and bat performance. BLENDED FIBER TECHNOLOGY (BFT) Combat’s patented Blended Fiber Technology blends several different fiber types in varying proportions at carefully controlled angles. They take advantage of the best qualities of each with the whole becoming much greater than the sum of its parts. Carbon fibers are ultra-light and have phenomenal stiffness. Combat’s designers use carbon to optimize the flex and dynamic response of their bats. Glass fibers are very strong, yet flexible. This resilience is used to get more trampoline effect out of their barrel walls without sacrificing durability. Their engineers use its incredible toughness and vibration absorbing properties to enhance the soft feel of their bats. ANISOTROPIC COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY (ACT) Combat bats are widely renowned as having the softest feel in the industry as a result of Combat’s proprietary Anisotropic Composite Technology (ACT) generated from Combat’s industry-leading FEA (Finite Element Analysis) bat design software. (ACT) Unlike aluminum, composites are anisotropic which means composite bats can be designed to have different stiffnesses and strengths in different directions. Thus, Combat’s Anisotropic Composite Technology varies stiffness along the handle (reducing vibrations and sting) and across the barrel (for softer feel and improved performance). VARIABLE STIFFNESS TECHNOLOGY (VST) Combat’s Variable Stiffness Technology allows Combat engineers to design lower barrel wall stiffness on both sides of the normal sweetspot, resulting in an enlarged sweetspot area by which maximum bat performance or hit distance is achieved. Anisotropic Composite Technology Blended Fiber Technology Variable Stiffness Technology Precision Molding Technology Gear Technology Inside Single Wall Construction -10oz drop barrel length