Bauer Vapor x:60 le sr. composite hockey stick

Bauer Vapor x:60 le sr. composite hockey stick


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Product Description

a form of higher intelli-sense. you have to shoot the puck when you have the chance, not when it’s convenient – and you need a stick that can respond to your needs in that split second. the new Vapor x:60 stick is designed with intelli-sense shot technology that senses shot type and adapts its flex Profile to maximize loading and energy transfer on either wrist or slap shots. add the pure shot blade Profile for imProved accuracy, monocomp technology for optimized balance and feel and Bauer’s exclusive light weight textreme carbon fiber construction and you have Bauer’s smartest scoring machine to date. features: new limited edition graphic smooth matte finish monocomp technology – the overall balance and weight of the stick have been optimized by the removal of excess material at the joint. an industry leading single molding Process delivers consistency and easier loading for imProved shooting. pure shot blade Profile – expansion of the connection point of the blade and shaft reduces the torsional deflection of the blade resulting in maintained blade control and a more accurate shot. intelli-sense shot technology – through advanced engineering the flex Profile of the shaft can now sense the type of shot based on the positioning of the player’s hands. this results in maximized loading for optimal performance on wrist or slap shots. micro feel II shaft dimensions – rounded corners and double concave shaft walls allow the shaft to fit comfortable in your hands resulting in easier puck handling and superior control Vapor premium dual taper – the combination of the micro feel II shaft and a secondary taper along the top/bottom surface equals decreased torsional deflection for increase puck control and accuracy upon release. aero foam II blade technology standard finish senior length: 60″