Bauer Supreme one100 jr hockey stick

Bauer Supreme one100 jr hockey stick


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Product Description

Pure Shot Blade Profile – The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel transition of the stick, reducing the amount of blade deflection, or the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting, improving blade control and pinpoint shooting accuracy. Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort. Created by using a stiffer lower shaft with a softer middle providing a stick that is easily loaded. Perfect for those who lean heavily into their sticks or want effortless shot release. Tac Spiral – Anatomically engineered spiral tactile increases sensory connection and control of the stick. Paired with Supreme’s quad corners and double concave shaft walls, players can get a secure grip even in the most aggressive handling and shooting situations. Premium carbon composite construction Aero Foam II blade core Supreme Power Dual taper Square Double Concave shaft dimensions Flex: 52in.   Nike Bauer Curve Chart BAUER/NIKE Curve Type Curve Depth Curve Size Face Angle Lie Toe Shape Blade Length P88 Kane/Lindros Mid Moderate 1/2″ Neutral 6 Round Medium P71 Peca Mid Moderate 1/2″ Open 7 Round Medium P106 Gagne/Jokinen Heel Moderate 1/2″ Slightly Open 6 Round Long PM9 Malkin/St. Louis Mid-Heel Slight 3/8″ Slightly Open 5 Round Medium P02 Pronger Heel Moderate 1/2″ Very Open 6 Square Long P10 Gagne Mid-Toe Deep 1/2″ Slightly Open 6 Square Long P91 Kovalchuk Mid-Heel Slight 1/2″ Open 6 Round Medium P92 Backstrom/Naslund Mid Moderate 1/2″ Open 6 Round Medium P91A Staal Mid-Heel Deep 5/8″ Big Open 6 Round Long